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Stay On Your Toes! February 15, 2016

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Getting enough good sleep is going to help you in so many ways when times get tough. You will be able to stay alert and have more energy. Having a clear mind will help a lot when SHTF! You will be quicker on your toes and notice more things around you. Keeping your family and home safe!

 If you ever have trouble falling asleep use some of these tips to get some help with it.

  • Stay on a regular sleep schedule. Go to sleep at about the same time every night. Or whenever you do get to go to sleep. 
  • Don’t take naps in the afternoon. This will disrupt your sleeping well at night.
  • Keep your home cool at night. Sleep  is a lot better when it is cooler.
  • Use your bed only for sleeping and other bed things. Don’t work or eat in bed.
  • Avoid caffeine from the early afternoons on.
  • If you smoke – QUIT!
  • Don’t eat anything heavy right before bedtime.
  • Check the medicine that you use. Sometimes the medicine you take thinking it will help you, actually makes you sleep deprived. Which hurts you more in the long run.
  • As much as possible – spend about 30 minutes in the sun each day. It resets your body and makes you feel a lot better just by getting that dose of Vitamin D.
  • Maybe move your clock out of the bedroom so that when you can’t fall asleep , your not just laying there watching the clock. 
  • Have a good bed and pillows. When you are comfortable you will sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

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