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Frugal Living & Grow Fruit Indoors Box Set December 8, 2015

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Frugal Living & Grow Fruit Indoors Box Set: Step by Step Guide on How to Save Money and and Spend Less with Easy to Follow Tips for Growing Tasty Tropical … fruit indoors books, frugal living tips) was a free book for the kindle or the free kindle reading app at the time of this posting.


BOOK #1: Frugal Living: Make Life Changing Decisions for Financial Freedom Using This Step by Step Guide on How to Save Money and Spend Less

These days everyone is looking to try and make their money stretch a little further. It seems like as everything we need becomes more expensive our paychecks go a shorter and shorter distance. The easy track might simply be to get a better job but often that can be a difficult route that won’t necessarily fix the problem. If you think of your household income how does it make you feel? If you’re feeling sad about that number then the tips in this book are ideal for you. Here we will give you some ideas and tips to make that number go further and give you a little more financial freedom without having to get another job.

When we hear the word “frugal” we often think of hard times had by great grandparents and people many years ago. Often this conjures images of tatty houses and dirty people, but by no means does it mean skipping the bath and living in the shed these days. Modern frugal living is all about looking at your budget and tightening up the corners to make it more effective, and it’s not necessarily about having to tighten your financial strings but about doing it for good reason. We live in a hugely materialistic society, we are conditioned to want to have more than anyone else and often it’s this mindset that leaves us feeling that the amount we earn is what keeps up down. Even if you’re working on a truly limited budget there are a variety of ways to make it work and still feel like you have everything you need in life.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Why you should live frugally
  • Setting Frugal Goals and making them work
  • Frugal Habits to adopt now
  • Steps to making your life Frugal

BOOK #2: Grow Fruit Indoors: Easy to Follow Tips for Growing Tasty Tropical Fruits in Any Home, Anywhere

Tropical fruit is both nutritious and delicious however with the rise in prices tropical fruit can be hard to obtain and expensive. One answer would be to grow your own, however if you live in an area that has a cold climate or in an apartment meaning that you have no space outdoors it is a non starter. Or is it? Do not despair and you can easily grow an abundance of tropical fruits and fruit trees in your home in a container. Provided that you choose the right plant and conditions you too can soon enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I hope that you find the book informative and can soon be able to start preparing, growing and enjoying your tropical fruits.

This book outlines a multitude of specifics required for growing tropical fruit and includes the following:

  • Can it be done?
  • Location, planting and watering
  • Frost, protection, fertilizer and soil
  • Climate & awareness
  • Common tropical fruit and trees
  • Ornamental and edible tropical fruits

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