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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse! Part 2 November 1, 2015

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Some of us might try to stay put during a zombie apocalypse and that is going to take a lot of work to get our homes ready to be able to do that.


 You have to secure your location. It is the most important thing that you have to do. You can always figure out a way to get more supplies, but you have to have your place defended.

Try to make the outside look normal and put your defenses inside. Make the outside look deserted and not even worth a look into. If it looks like there is nothing of value there or that it has already been looted than no one else will want to search it. They will think that all of the good items are gone.

Board up and block all of the windows and doors on the ground level. This will block any access from the outside. Leave one door or window where you can easily get out of that is disabled from the outside. Maybe “hide” an access point for you in case of an emergency. Block all ground floor windows with anything you can that is strong. Like boards, cupboard doors, furniture, and anything else.

If you can now, start storing up wood sheets and 2×4’s. Screws will work better and have a better hold than nails.

If you have a basement with windows the best thing to do is block them from the inside. Make sure they are sealed good and then take dirt and cover your whole basement line with it. Covering the windows completely! If you do it early enough , you could even plant grass seed in the dirt so it looks like it is supposed to be like that and that you have no basement at all. The basement can now be your storage for all of your food and emergency needs.

The most important thing is to have the house secured and to then have a way to always have clean water. Also have a plan for trash removal. That can attract unwanted animals and maybe even zombies.

Your home is secure so have ways to cook food, heat it, and have clean water.

But, always have a plan for bugging out if you have to.


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