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Well, Ebola is Back In The News October 21, 2015

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 This is very scary! People who thought that they were cured of the Ebola virus are having relapses about one year later. There have been other complications reported in other Ebola patients. What about all of the thousands that had been “cured” of Ebola in Africa?? This can turn out to be a very nasty re-outbreak.

 Ebola Returns: 2nd Case of Relapse Raises Questions

Second Ebola Nurse Now In Critical Condition

We all need to take car of ourselves and make sure that our pandemic emergency kits are prepped and ready. Be prepared for if you have to shelter in place.

Lets pray that this does not turn into something horrific. Just be prepared for anything. If nothing happens at least you know that you had taken the precautions.


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