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The Mug That Won’t Fall Over! October 6, 2015

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I received this in the mail a few days ago and right away my son tried it out. He was freaking out because he was actually hitting it and it would not go over!! It is the The Mighty Mug. The reason I do not have a photo of the actual mug is because my husband came home and he snagged it! He is a truck driver and has had so-called mugs that have flat bases on them to “keep them from falling over” and they do! Spilling his coffee. But, this he actually said works. The smartgrip technology it has is something else. The crazy thing is that the mug moves easily when you pick it up and such, but it will literally NOT FALL OVER!

My husband was in Georgia last week and had someone pull out in front of him and he had to pull on the jake brake. Everything went flying in his truck , ending up on the floor, but he noticed that the only thing left still in place was that mug! It is crazy how it works. When my son first opened it and we were looking at it, we were actually telling each other that there is no way that will stay up. But, we soon found out that it does what it says. It will not fall over.  The Mighty Mug is something amazing and would make a great gift for the person who has everything.


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